Cloud Ignite 2023

Startup CloudIgnite:
Friday, November 3, 2023


Embracing Optimised Scaling & Growth

VonTech, in partnership with AWS and Redington in Nigeria, will be hosting an event aimed at supporting startup founders, CTOs, and Heads of IT/Engineering. The event will comprise three sessions.
Morning Session: Breakfast with CEOs: A power-packed panel session - 10am to 11:30am WAT
Afternoon Session: Cost Optimization Workshop - 12 noon to 1pm WAT
Evening Session: Investor-Founder Mixer - 7pm to 11:30am WAT
Olu Akanmu
Olu Akanmu
Ex-President and Co-CEO, OPay Nigeria
Lynda Saint-Nwafor
Lynda Saint Nwafor
Chief Enterprise Business Officer @ MTN Nigeria
Napa Onwusah
Napa Onwusah
Head Startups, AWS Africa


Our goal with this event is to support startups with Executive coaching on how to effectively Scale and run their businesses with limited funding and be cost effective. Our Notable Panellists include Olu Akanmu, Lynda Saint Nwafor, and Napa Onwusah.

Breakfast Panel with CEOs

The event will start with a special breakfast panel session featuring CEOs. This session explores strategies for supporting startups through executive coaching, particularly in the context of effectively managing their businesses with limited funding and maintaining cost-effectiveness. Panellists will share the experience running and scaling businesses and the audience can ask questions.

Cost Optimization Workshop

Following this engaging discussion, we will dive into an informative presentation on cost optimization. This session will be conducted by our esteemed AWS partners, who will provide in-depth insights into AWS cloud solutions and expound upon the benefits associated with them.

Investor-Founder Mixer

We would have an Mixer event tagged “Cocktails & Connect”in the evening, which will provide the ideal setting for networking and building meaningful connections. It will feature Speed Mentoring sessions. This will consist of 2 series of timed one-on-one conversations; each session would span for 10 minutes with a timer to signal the start and end of each round. Participants would be provided with questions that can help them quickly learn about each other's businesses for potential collaboration or further discussion. Additionally, It would feature testimonials from some clients about their experience with Vontech Cloud Services.

Ready to Take Your Startup to the Next Level?

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