CTO Workshop and Mixer

CTO Workshop & Mixer Thursday, January 24, 2024


Cloud Security Workshop and Networking Mixer for CTOs

VonTech, in partnership with AWS will be hosting an event aimed at supporting startup founders, CTOs, and Heads of IT/Engineering. Event Overview:
The workshop, Applying AI for Competitive Advantage, is tailored specifically for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and Heads of Engineering of tech startups. In today's dynamic business landscape, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become paramount for gaining a competitive edge. The session delves into strategic approaches for harnessing AI technologies to enhance business operations, drive innovation, and ultimately secure a leading position in the market.
CTO Workshop Mixer

🌟 Event: Applying AI for Competitive Advantage – Powered by AWS

💡 Why Attend? 

AI Integration Strategy: It offers a deep dive into strategic AI integration to boost your operations, spark innovation, and lead the market

Networking Opportunity: Connect and share insights with fellow CTOs and Engineering leaders and DevOps Leads in a relaxed, social setting.

Strengthen Collaborative Bonds: Build lasting professional relationships that transcends beyond the present, paving the way for sustained collaborations in the future.

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